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'Your Brain on Menopause' a masterclass brunch with Chloe Manlay & Natalina's Deli

'Your Brain on Menopause' a masterclass brunch with Chloe Manlay & Natalina's Deli

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'Your Brain on Menopause'

An informative and evidence based masterclass led by skin and female hormone specialist Chloe Manlay, with a hormone nourishing brunch hosted by Natalina's deli. 

Menopause has become quite the buzz word in 2023, but the reality is an estimated 13 million women in the UK are peri or menopausal and are experiencing it with no education and little more support than pills. Menopause is far more than just the cessation of periods, it is a total rewiring of your brain and in this fact-focused masterclass Chloe will be guiding you through what happens in the brain during peri menopause; the 10-15 year before menopause, how these changes can lead to symptoms of low mood, anxiety, brain fog and hot flashes. She will be sharing her top nutrition and lifestyle tips to support the menopause transition as well as what tests are available to women to better understand how they can personalise and adapt their perimenopause.

Chloe is a registered nutritional therapist with over 10 years experience. She has a special interest in skin and womens hormones and runs a virtual clinic supporting clients internationally as well as from Grace Hill in Folkestone. She is a forever student of the body and has undergone extensive training in functional medicine and women's health. She is also a yoga teacher and is starting her training in somatics, alongside advanced nutrigenomics training, in 2024.  
A delicious menopause friendly Brunch will be provided by Natalina's Deli.
*Please get in touch with any dietary requirements upon booking.  


Event Details

Sunday 21st January 2024  9 - 11am

Workshop Number 29, 99 Sandgate High Street, Sandgate Kent


Tickets are non-refundable.


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