About Us

We know what it’s like to be busy. Juggling work, family life and renovating your home takes time and can feel overwhelming.

Let’s face it, lengthy trips trawling markets to find the perfect doorknob, piece of furniture or vintage dress for that special occasion – often with the kids in tow – are just not as fun as they once were.

You know what you like.  And we know long it takes to find it.  

Most dealers will tell you that ‘they buy only what they love’ and it is especially true here.  The beautiful things in our shop are truly beautiful to us.

Our style is industrial and we have an extra special passion for the stories our pieces have to tell.

Their design, their period, even the craftsmen who built them – we wonder about the families who have shared time around every table, sink or sideboard.

Just like our pieces, being so full of history – buildings fascinate us too, and so, when the opportunity arose to turn The Prince Albert Hotel with it’s stunning frontage into the home for our new business – we grabbed it and Workshop Number 29 took on it's first premises.  

We've moved about since then and now have our heart in the blossoming village of  Sandgate, just up the coast from Folkestone on the Kent Coast.