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NDW Silk Scarf Square

NDW Silk Scarf Square

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NDW Silk Scarf Square


A silk scarf square with a unique hand crafted, plant dyed design & a hand rolled edge.

Each scarf is naturally dyed by the Natural Dyeworks using multiple stages of screen printing, steaming & modifying in order to layer colour and texture onto the silk surface. This process takes a number of days, after which the edges are carefully rolled and sewn by hand here in Kent.

The scarves are developed to have an unexpected, yet playful colour palette. The printing techniques themselves also reveal surprising markings, all of which add to the charm.

Please note that each scarf is completely individual and there will be variations in colour and natural markings throughout the piece, which adds to it’s individual character.

***PLEASE CHECK ALL IMAGES BEFORE ORDERING AS TO TAKE NOTE OF THE INTEGRAL MARKINGS AND CHARACTERISTICS. These are not commercially produced, machine made pieces, but one of a kind creations - perfectly imperfect.

Hand dyed and printed at The Natural Dyeworks slowly & sustainably using only 100% natural plant dyes.

Material: 100% lightweight silk hand sewn with organic cotton thread.

Care: Hand wash in warm water with just a little eco detergent. Allow to dry naturally, away from heat.

Dimensions: Approx 55cm x 55cm

This silk scarf is fully biodegradable and can be composted at the end of its useable life.

One size.

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