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Scott's Apothecary

Scott's Apothecary Lime, Bay & Juniper Candle

Scott's Apothecary Lime, Bay & Juniper Candle

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Lime Bay and Juniper

Refresh, rejuvenate and cleanse

Zesty, woody, citrussy & fresh and containing five pure essential oils, this candle packs a citrussy punch and is for those that love the scent of fresh lime zest.

This candle works beautifully in the bathroom, kitchen and study for added help with concentration with its herbal combination of bay and rosemary.

Try with our equally citrussy liquid hand soaps for ultimate bathroom appeal.


Lime essential oil: fresh and rejuvenating a great uplifting, cleansing oil

Bay: grounding and good for calming the mind and concentration

Juniper berry: fresh & spicy, cleansing

Cedarwood: calming and grounding Rosemary: concentration & memory support, antiviral


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