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Crackle Glazed Hand Painted Bowl

Crackle Glazed Hand Painted Bowl

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Crackle Glazed Hand Painted Bowl

Whoever painted this appealing crackle glazed bowl certainly had an eye for colour.  The buttery cream, sage green, ballet shoe pink and bruised plum are a mood board for just about anything.

Sitting neatly on a foot the bowl has a rim of 2.5cm and the underside is unglazed although the glaze from the rim drips in places which only adds to its appeal.  

Diameter: 17.5cm

Height:  6.5cm

Diameter of foot:  9cm

Condition: Although difficult to date this bowl certainly has a lot of age to it and as such there are chips and scrapes all over however this does not detract from its decorative purpose.  

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