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Decorative Balustrade

Decorative Balustrade

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Decorative Balustrade


These cast iron metal balustrades make beautiful decorative pieces.  Their stone bases give them weight and stability. 

We have two balustrades in stock, dimensions are below.



Height: 86.5cm

Width: 33cm

Base width: 25cm

Base width: 19cm

Condition: Good rustic condition, only the usual rusting that is to be expected from metal products that spend the majority of their time outdoors. 



Height: 89cm

Width: 34cm

Base width: 26cm

Base depth: 17cm

Condition: Good rustic condition, the balustrades have the rust that is to be expected from such vintages items that have spent a large proportion of their life time outdoors. 

*Price is per Balustrade

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